Bea Priestley- News, Rumors, and Biography

While cutting a few wrestlers off the roster, WWE also signed some potential new talent with the future in mind. Bea Priestley, a recent addition only to the NXT UK brand, is one such name. Here is all you need to know about Bea’s biography, rumours, and current news.

When Priestley was 14yr, she made her professional wrestling debut for New Zealand Wide Professional Wrestling. Travis Banks oversaw Priestley’s training there. She spent four years perfecting her abilities in New Zealand, but at 18, she returned to England and relocated to London because she wanted to improve as a wrestler. She worked out at Progress Wrestling’s Projo when she was in England. She started working concurrently for PROGRESS Wrestling, What Culture Pro Wrestling, and Defiant Wrestling in 2016, and she also started performing for World Wonder Ring Star status the following year.

Bea Priestley Defiant Wrestling introduces itself. 

On July 27, 2016, Priestley made his Defiant Wrestling debut in a bout that he lost against Nixon Newell. The next day, Priestley triumphed over Newell in a replay. On August 24, she faced Nixon Newell after a Last Woman Remaining bout, which served as her maiden title contest. Defiant’s new women’s champion is Newell. The incumbent Women’s Champion, Millie Mackenzie, was challenged by Priestley the following year on June 17 at Built To Destroy. After the match, Priestley reclaimed the title to win the position of Women’s Champion for one second time. On August 26 at Stacked, two months after winning the Women’s Championship, she successfully defended it by beating Zoe Lucas.

The debut of Bea Priestley for Progress

On March 13, 2016, at PROGRESS ENDVR:15, Priestley made his PROGRESS debut in a lost bout against Elizabeth. On December 11, she played in the Natural Progression Championship IV competition at Progression Chapter 40, capping her first year. Priestley mostly participated in six-man tag team competitions in 2017 and 2018 and even engaged in a rivalry with Millie McKenzie.

The debut of Bea Priestley as a World Wonder Ring Superstar 

Priestley participated in the Goddesses in Stardom Tag League competition on October 14 to make her promotional debut for the World Wonder Ring Superstar status campaign. Priestley unsuccessfully contested Toni Storm for SWA World & World of Stardom Champion at the Stardom event in Taiwan days before the competition’s conclusion. Together with Kelly Klein, she was the tournament’s eventual winner. Following the match, Priestley and Klein attempted to oust Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura & Kagetsu) from the Goddess of Stardom Championship but were unsuccessful. During her six-month stint as a star, Priestley advanced to the 2018 Cinderella Grand finals before falling to eventual champion Momo Watanabe. She participated in the World of Sports Wrestling between 2018 & 2019, where she won the Women’s Championship once.

Double Or Nothing AEW Contract 

On February 2, 2019, According to rumors, Priestley went close to agreeing to a deal with In all Elite Wrestling following rejecting a WWE deal. The episode of “Road To Double Or Nothing,” broadcast on February 27, 2019, revealed that Priestley would be joining the organization and making her debut at Fight for Fallen on July 13, 2019.

Bea Priestley isn’t any different from other wrestlers in having an idol who motivates them to be successful in their line of work. The British-born Superstar was influenced by two wrestlers throughout his formative years: Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan. The Japanese wrestler & present NXT Superstar Kushida is another source of inspiration for her. All three of those individuals deserve admiration, with Chris Jericho & Bryan undoubtedly entering the GOAT discussion.

England is where Bea Priestley was born. North Yorkshire’s Harrogate is where she was born. She was born in England, although she effectively spent her formative years in New Zealand. In New Zealand, Bea completed her schooling. She first attended Kapiti College at Paraparaumu, New Zealand, where she studied. Then she went to New Zealand to research spas and beauty treatments. But she returned to England with the hopes of succeeding in advancing her wrestling career. While some professional wrestlers had early fandoms, others began watching wrestling much later. When Bea Priestley was 14 years old, she started watching WWE. She developed a fandom and started thinking about turning it into a job. 

A prominent wrestling publication called Pro Wrestling Illustrated lists the best wrestlers from various promotions. Male and female performances are listed separately. For any wrestler, being included in these rankings is a big honor. Bea Priestley became a breakout female actress in 2019 due to her success in independent films. Bea Priestley was distinguished by being included on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s list. On the list of the top female stars at PWI, she was listed at position 20.

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