Buying Motorcycle Boots? Read this Guide to Shop for the Best

Buying Motorcycle Boots

Your ankles and feet are prone to all kinds of injuries when you ride a motorcycle. If you do not take care of your safety, you may fall prey to several unwanted injuries. While riding a bike, your feet remain in frequent contact with the ground. You support the weight of your body and the weight of a few hundred pounds of the motorcycle. 

Your feet and ankles are more fragile than you think. Thus, protecting them while biking is important. If you want the best protection, researching is the best way to narrow down to the most suitable option.

Here is how to buy the best motorcycle boots for your motorbiking adventure. 

Know the kind of Riding You Will Do 

First and foremost, it is important to know the riding you will be doing before you buy the boots. 

To make the best choice, consider the factors such as your riding style (aggressive, cautious, or any other), the terrain you will be riding on, the level of protection you want, and the design of boots that will work best for your motorcycle. 

Once you have the answers to these questions, making the right choice will become easier. 

Check the Level of Protection 

After you determine the style of riding boot that works the best for you, the next thing is figuring out the kind of protection you may need. Some riding styles, such as motocross, are more aggressive than others. In this case, your feet and ankle require maximum protection. 

Motocross boots are considered to be the most protective boots for riders. They include many superior features such as full-grain leather and other materials, Velcro and high-impact buckle closure system, unyielding protection in the toe box, replaceable buckles, soles, and booties, torsion control bracing systems, removable footbeds, and so on. 

Adventure and Dual Sports boots include anti-slip and all-terrain soles, internal moulded protection areas, water-resistant protection, breathable and padded inner liners, and steel shanks for added foot support. 

If you are going for Track Day boots, look for the features like torsion control, replaceable shoe sliders, contoured heel, ankle, sheen protection, zippered or buckled closure, etc. 

Check the Construction of the Boots 

How your boots are constructed is one of the essential factors to consider while shopping. Everything ranging from the base materials used to how the quality of the finished product looks and feels can make a huge difference in your safety. 

To make your choice more precise in terms of shoe construction, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Which shoe is better – stitched sole or glued sole? 
  • Can I replace my boots’ parts like soles, insoles, toe sliders, and buckles? 
  • Does the pair of boots offer sufficient protection? 
  • What is the type of seam added to the pair of boots? 

Do not Compromise on Comfort 

The comfort of your boots will help you determine how often you will end up wearing them. Thus, find a pair that feels comfortable. Before wearing your boots outside and taking them straight to the action, you can familiarize yourself with its fit by wearing them inside your house or around your locality. 

Take a stroll in the boots to check for any awkward spots, and if you feel comfortable, it is a good sign that you can wear your boots and comfortably ride in them for long periods of time. 

Choose a Suitable Style 

Last but not least, buy your boots in a suitable style. When it comes to the style of the boots, the choice is subjective. The markets are overnumbered with various shapes, sizes, and styles of shoes you can buy at competitive prices. 

Whether buying a modern, classic or restore, ensure that the product promises quality and affordability. 


We hope that the above-listed buying guide helps you choose the best motorcycle boots. Start shopping now. 

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