Can Math Be of Use in Playing Roulette

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Since the last decade, online casino gambling has been rising. The entry of technology has further boosted the prospects of this industry in numbers never seen before. Customers love the fact that they get the flexibility of playing from wherever they want, using any device they want. The mostpopular online casinos provide their players with many benefits, like no deposit bonus Australia which makes each casino even more attractive.

Not to forget that the variety of games is a major crowd puller too. There are some games that are appreciated more than the others. Roulette is one such exciting game that has loads of factors adding to its appeal.

But on the other hand, many people say that winning this game is almost impossible. There are, however, some who advocate that using Math can show you how to win this profitable game. Let us find out how we can use Math to win at Roulette:

Double Zero Roulette Math

The most popular online casinos have various Roulette games for you to choose from. Most of the Roulette tables, however, have both double 0 and single 0 spaces. Such tables are also known as the American Roulette tables. 

All the wagers you make on these American Roulette tables generate the same kind of results. You must first find out the return percentage. When you bet on any number, there is a 35 to 1 chance of winning. But you win only once in 38 times. So if you have invested $10 38 times, you have invested $380. Your winning would get you $360, which is a clear drop of $20.

If you divide $360 by $380, the return percentage would be 94.74%. Run similar numbers on other bets and find the return percentage. This is a mathematical aspect of roulette that nobody can change.

European Roulette Math

You have found out the return percentage of each wager. European Roulette tables are almost similar to their American counterparts. But here there are only 37 number spaces. You may bet $10 on each wager 37 times. The total cost of the wagers is $370. Suppose you win once you get your $10 back along with $350 making the total $360. Now you divide $360 by $370 and get the return of 97.3%. 

Increasing Probability of Selection

You have to choose the right betting strategy in order to succeed in this one. This way, you manage your risk and reduce the amount you get to lose on every bet. Using Math calculate the probability of your winning for every wager. This is helpful in deciding the amount of money you want to place on every bet. But if the probability is the same for all the bets, it is not going to be rewarding for you.

Using the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci sequence is a rather popular method to win at Roulette. It may not tell you where the ball will land in the end but help formulate a perfect betting strategy. In the Fibonacci sequence, the number that comes next is the sum of the two numbers before it, i.e. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8, etc.

Some bettors use this sequence to plan which number to bet on next. For example, if the first bet you made was $3 and you lost it, you will bet $5 next. When you reach a winning bet, you must reset the amount you deposited to the one you had started with.

The logic that goes behind this strategy is straightforward. If you have lost a particular bet, then place a bigger wager. This big wager will cover the losses you have incurred so far. This strategy is perfect when you wish to ensure that you have covered all the losses incurred.

Counting the Number of Times the Ball Is Bouncing

Some of the players have a unique strategy to follow. They watch the roulette as it spins before they place their wager on a particular number. The truth is that they are not just watching the roulette. They count the number of times the ball bounced before it is settled in one place. This will help them have a better understanding of where the ball is going to fall next. Obviously, if they know that, they can predict which number they should bet on next.

However, with this, you could only increase the chance of guessing by a certain amount. Some other variables come into play before the ball reaches its location. This means the chances of correctly predicting the actual location is fifty-fifty. 

Also, you can always miscalculate the number of times the ball actually bounced. If that happens, the chances of making any correct prediction will automatically reduce.

Using the  D’Alembert System

This method is the most used not only in Roulette but in other online casino games as well. People use this when they are planning where they are going to bet. Most gamblers who wish to minimize their losses use this trick to do the same. In the beginning, the player has to determine what the basic unit of these future bets is.

For example, the player may choose $10. If he loses one bet, he could increase this by the base unit. That is $20, $30,$40 etc. But when they win any of the above bets, they have to reduce the amount by the same base unit. Though the strategy helps players to win money slowly, it reduces the losses they are going to make.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy comes with slightly more risk than the  D’Alembert system. Still, it remains one of the most famous mathematical tactics gamblers use to make it big in the industry. Again just like the  D’Alembert system, the player would have to find out what the beginning base unit will be.

However, as they lose the bet, they will double the amount of wager they are placing. Similarly, when they win a wager, they will halve the amount of the next bet they will put. With a game like Roulette, this strategy can be somewhat helpful. You can score vast amounts in a controlled manner. That minimizes the risk of losses you might just make. 


Playing Roulette is undoubtedly dependent on your luck. However, most gamblers do not want to think like that. They use all kinds of mathematical tricks to make it big in the casino. But the element of risk always exists, thus minimizing the luck factor. Enter into the arena only if you are prepared to take both profits and losses alike.

In the casino gambling industry, only those players survive who have the courage to break free. Using Math to win big at Roulette may work but only to some extent. However, if it is not yielding the exact results, you must be prepared for that too.

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