Christine Brown Is Finally Leaving As 2022 Ends!

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One of the stars of Sister Wives, Christine Brown owns a conflict-avoidance personality that makes her a favorite for some fans and an annoying one for others. But as she gets ready for a major life update, there are signs of independence since her split from Kody, which could change the dynamic of Sister-Wives! Let’s take a look at Christine Brown’s life which has vastly taken a turn, especially since she began her weight loss journey in March 2022! 

Christine Brown Gets Kody and Robyn Annoyed, Leaves Anyway! 

Christine Brown is a 53-year-old stay-at-home mom who married her ex-husband Kody 27 years ago on March 25, 1994. Together, Christine and Kody had six children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendolyn, Ysabel, and Truly. After Meri and Janelle, Christine is Kody’s third wife. 

While the other sister wives are known to be loud, Christine is the sweetest of the crew who reserves her feelings and works out her issues without involving Kody or his other women. While some fans appreciate Christine’s polite approach to conflict, others find her avoidant and unproductive. After Christine decided to split from Kody back in 2021, she lost weight, packed up and left! 2022 seems to be a perfect year for Christine!

Kody Brown is very annoyed at Christine Brown:

Irritated by ‘independent woman’ Christine as she packs her things in a trailer, during a preview for the Nov. 27 episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown and Kody Brown argue over how to load into her trailer, the last of her belongings. In the clip, Kody is angered by Christine’s takeover as she becomes an “independent woman.”

But Christine’s favorite part about herself is her ability to do everything by herself. 

In a clip for the next episode of Sister Wives, Christine asks Kody to come to help her pack her trailer for her move to Utah. “So, are you moving all that?” Kody questions him as he notices all the boxes stacked up in the garage.

She listed all the content items in order of weight so they could load them quickly. “You want the weight to be up front, when you’re towing a trailer. If your weight is in the back, it starts to lift in a way that will cause the trailer to tip over on the road,” he tells the cameras. 

To avoid this, Kody Brown suggests placing the snowblower at the back of the trailer. He thinks it’s less dense than the boxes and putting them in front would make more sense.

But Christine wants Kody to kill the blower and get out, but he insists on helping her. In the confessional, Christine reveals her facial frustration at the predicament.

“Oh my God, all I really need his help with is the snow blower. That’s it. I want the blower in front because then I’m done, and I can leave”. 

She doesn’t think he needs to be there to “micromanage” her.

Kody starts arguing over what things she should put in the trailer, telling her the right way to do it. Then Christine puts her foot down. “Yeah, I know you wouldn’t. Kody, I know, thank you. I’ll take care of it. I need those who are with me now,” she said.

In the tense second, Kody agrees and immediately places the snowblower into the trailer without another word. In the confessional, frustrated with Christine, Kody is angry for not listening to him.

“Yeah, she doesn’t want to listen to good advice, so I’ll put it all in. Let’s just do this,” Kody said. “She’s proving she’s an independent woman now by telling me how that’s the best way to wrap it up. It bothered me deep down, ”he concludes.

Christine thinks her independent spirit is important as a poly wife:

“I think it’s super important to be independent as a plural wife. I mean, the guy isn’t there, and the husband isn’t there. He has so many different places to go,” Christine says in the confessional.

“And frankly, that’s one of my favorite qualities about me – that I can do things on my own. I think it’s so empowering to be able to do things,” concludes the mother of six.

Kody often used the phrase “independent woman” to insult Christine. But it’s clear she takes it as a compliment and no longer seems to be in tune with what her ex-husband thinks of her.

Sister Robyn wants Christine to get physical with a new man: 

Speaking of being a plural wife, one of the Sister Wives star Robyn Brown says she doesn’t consider Christine Brown divorced Kody Brown until she gets intimate with another man.

Robyn Brown uses religion as a trick and says Christine Brown is NOT truly divorced from Kody Brown until she gets physical with another guy. 

One of Christine’s most vocal critics, Robyn calls her sister a liar: 

Sister Wives viewers aren’t buying Robyn’s malarkey about being allowed to divorce from their church because the family hasn’t been this spiritual in years. Kody’s favorite wife went even further when she made the bold statement regarding Christine’s divorced status. During a tense conversation, Robyn hit out at her estranged sister Christine, sharing that the mother of six had invalidated other wives’ spiritual marriages with Kody. Robyn then dropped a bombshell, noting that until Christine has sex with another man when she was still very much married to Kody.

Fortunately, new independent Christine isn’t buying Robyn’s vision:

Meanwhile, the divorce happened the day she decided to leave the patriarch. Christine is no longer a member of the fundamentalist Mormon faith, and the family’s beliefs have left her disillusioned. Even though Robyn and Meri Brown might wish Christine was still Kody’s third wife, at the end of the day, their strange beliefs didn’t stop Christine from drifting away.

Fans are annoyed with Robyn for criticizing Christine, as her arguments were baseless. In the eyes of Sister Wives fans, Robyn has always been evil, as she has only brought chaos to the large polygamous family.

Kody also lied about custody:

The new season now sheds light on how Kody handled the change, and it didn’t go over well. Sister Wives fans have seen the patriarch go wild and lie to Christine about a custody deal. Viewers were appalled that Kody thought it was okay to make up legal facts to scare off his ex-wife. It was even worse to see Robyn supporting her choices. While Robyn may think Christine is still married, the fan favorite wastes no time thinking about them. She has already moved to Utah and towards greener pastures.

Nonetheless, Christine Brown is in great shape:

After breaking up with Kody. The Sister Wives star stunned fans with a full body transformation. In February 2022, Christine Brown showed off her trim figure in another Instagram selfie. She has yet to reveal the exact figure for her weight loss journey.

She’s also got her own show:

Christine Brown started her own show on TLC called Cooking With Just Christine 2 Christine Brown earlier this year. 

After Christine left Sister Wives, Kodi was left with three women. On February 20, 2022, TLC shared a preview on their Instagram Page about their new digital show, Cooking With Just Christine. 

When did Christine and Kody get divorced?

Christine and Kody ended their 25-year marriage in November 2021, and the family was struggling. 

As Sister Wives viewers know full well, Christine was never legally married to Kody, so there was no need for legal divorce proceedings.

Christine was wise to understand that she has no legal contract binding her to Kody, as many other Mormon wives who practice polygamy often feel they cannot escape. Viewers learned that when she married Kody, Christine was 21. While she was madly in love with him earlier in their union, his selfishness weighed on her and prevented Christine from achieving her own goals and dreams. 

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