Costeen Hatzi: 8 Facts About Nick Kyrgios’ New Fiance!

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Nick Kyrgios is known for his clashes on the pitch with opponents such as Stefanos Tsitsipas (above) and Rafael Nadal. But ever since he met Costeen Hatzi, there seems to be a little more stability in Kyrgios’ private life. His girlfriend has been Kyrgios’ junior for five years and regularly shares photos with him and his fans on social media.

Costeen Hatzi: Who Is Nick Kyrgios’ Girlfriend? She’s Only 22! (8 Facts)

1. Costeen Hatzi speaks of public fame:

Costeen Hatzi (the fiance of tennis star girlfriend Nick Kyrgios) got candid about the couple’s high-profile relationship during an Instagram Q&A. She was asked about the “difference” of having a romance in the public eye. 

“A bit overwhelming at first. “I’m definitely getting used to it,” Hatzi said in an Instagram Story.

The 22 year old also went on to tell her followers that  “Nick’s team is very friendly and we are all supportive so it works well when we travel.”

2. Hatzi is a Sydney-based blogger: 

The hot-headed star’s glamorous new girlfriend graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences, and is also a home decor blogger. She recently founded her own brand Casa Amor, which focuses on minimalist home decor, and is often seen promoting herself with various luxury brands on her Instagram page. 

She flaunted her toned figure in the neon pink and orange ensemble, accessorizing it with several bracelets, including a Cartier bracelet given to her by Nick.

“Gorgeous,” Nick commented, alongside a love heart and queen crown emoji.

3. Costeen Hatzi is an Instagram influencer: 

The blogger and influencer is 22 years old. Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend is a Sydney-based blogger and has founded her own company, Casa Amor Interiors, which focuses on minimalist interior design.

Just a month after she and Nick, 27, went public with their relationship, the fashion influencer’s subscriber count jumped from 20,000 to more than 50,000. Currently, Costeen Hatzi’s Instagram followers can be listed as 175,000. 

She continued to flood her Instagram with glamorous selfies, including one from January showing her in a tiny Peppermayo bikini while vacationing in Palm Springs. “Colors of the season,” she tagged the clothing brand with the catchy caption! 

In another social media post in September 2022, Costean showed off her potential for influence by posing in a purple bikini top and matching thong. Meanwhile, another photo showed her glowing skin, spritzing on Bali Body moisturizer.

4. Hatzi once did Kyrgios’ laundry:

Hatzi, who also joked that she did Kyrgios’ laundry on tour, added that encounters in the spotlight “have their pros and cons”.

“You absolutely have to be secure in yourself and in the relationship, otherwise the relationship will just be problematic,” she said.

Hatzi also explained that at the end of the day, the couple’s happiness is all that matters regardless of the “external noise”.

“There are constant articles and opinions that are unwarranted, but that comes with the lifestyle. As long as we are both strong and happy, that’s all that matters. All outside noise is irrelevant,” she said.

5. Costeen Hatzi was not fazed by Kyrgios’s ex Chiara Passari:

Kyrgios made his relationship with Hatzi Instagram official last December. 

Shortly after his high-profile split from Chiara Passari, she warned Hatzi that she “has no idea what lies ahead” in terms of her getting romantic with Kyrgios – a high profile tennis star and prior cheater. 

Passari and Nick separated after a falling out in October, which led to a police visit to their hotel in Adelaide.

Nick’s relationship with Passari ended in October 2021. It’s unclear when exactly he started dating Costeen, but we know that in a Nov. 8 post, where Costeen was seen all glam with two friends at a restaurant, Nick commented, “I guess that’s when it happened,” alongside a bunch of love heart emojis.

After Costeen has been featured regularly during Nick’s Australian Open campaign with the pair kissing on the court and cuddling during their training sessions, Nick and Hatzi confirmed their relationship on December 30, 2021, after the pair were spotted together in Sydney.

Nick Kyrgios also has a checkered past when it comes to relationships. He dated fellow Australian tennis player Alja Tomljanovic before a short stint with Russian ace Anna Kalinskaya that ended in an acrimonious split.

6. They went official in December 2022: 

Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend left fans in awe after the fashion influencer shared a selfie wearing a neon pink bikini. It was only a few months ago that most Australians had never heard the name Costeen Hatzi – until Nick Kyrgios publicly announced he was in a relationship with the Sydney stunner.

Since going Instagram official on December 30, 2021, Costeen has continued to treat her growing following with sexy selfies and various bikini snaps flaunting her fit figure.

Nick first posted a photo with Costeen on December 30 as the couple posed in a bathroom selfie at a restaurant in Sydney.

“I am blessed. It’s the new year and a chance for all of us to get it right. We all played with the video,” he wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

The Canberra-based former world number 13 recently told Stellar magazine that his relationship with Costeen was his “easiest” to date.

“Relationships are easy when both people are invested. It’s hard to move a couch on your own,” he said.

Nick – who raced to be with Costeen in Sydney after winning the men’s doubles at the Australian Open in Melbourne – described past relationships as ‘brutal’ when you’ve been away for so long.

“The luxury I have now in my career is that I am able to support the person and if they want to travel with me, they can,” he told Stellar.

  1. So how did the couple meet?

Costeen recently told her Instagram followers the story, stating:  “He was apparently browsing Instagram and saw my business account post (a selfie of Costeen in the mirror),” she said.

“He messaged my work account asking if the mirror was available for pickup, then messaged my personal (account) asking the same.”

The recently crowned Australian Open doubles champion tried to pick up something else – or more accurately, someone else – while picking up the mirror, as he confessed he was more interested in Costeen than by the object itself.

“It was a business/friendly conversation and then he came to Sydney to get the mirror,” she said.

“I had no idea this was all just a plan, I literally thought he was buying a mirror.

“He took the mirror and, as he would say, ‘it was love at first sight’.”

Since then, he’s posted so many #CosteenContent that he’s created a specific Instagram Stories highlight dedicated to their romance.

  1. They are officially engaged:

Nick called Costeen “The One” and praised her for “bringing out the best” in him in a series of heartfelt messages ahead of Valentine’s Day last year. 

Just months after the couple reunited, Kyrgios seemed to pop the question, and now his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi will soon become his wife. 

Along with an Instagram post suggesting that Kyrgios and Hatzi had indeed gotten engaged, Kyrgios said in an interview in May that he would be getting married “very soon.”

Speaking of his relationship history, Kyrgios told the Australian Daily Telegraph earlier in 2022 that: “Dating one another is easy when both people are invested, for example, it can be difficult to move a sofa on your own”.

“I’ve had a few past relationships that crumble into pieces when you’re away from them for so long. “It affects you when you are on the pitch. “The luxury I have now in my career is that I am able to support the person and if they want to travel with me, they can.

“I am in a very blessed situation”. The tennis pro also foreshadowed a future with the “little ones”.

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