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Electric Scooters, Bikes, Skateboards, and More – The Rise of Quick Transport in Australia

Electric Scooters

With the introduction of micro-mobility, people’s approach to transport has started shifting. Today, more and more people have ditched the idea of buying expensive vehicles as a means of a commute from point A to point B. Many e-transportation options are increasing so much in popularity. 

What is Micro mobility? 

This term describes small vehicles, usually electric-powered means of transportation like electric scooters, electric bikes, electric hoverboards, and others. They are small-scale vehicles, often considered personal mobility devices in the road rules. 

E-transportation or electric transportation is particularly looked upon as an option for the ‘last mile’ in transport. You can use them for quick trips to work, train stations, or even for your inner-city exploration. Owing to the increasing popularity of this mode of transportation, some companies, too, have started offering them as a part of sharing services. 

As far as Australian traffic is concerned, electric bikes are being sold in huge numbers. Some figures reveal that their sale has outgrown that of the traditional bikes. Many riders are relying upon this means of transport for several reasons. 

Listed below are the benefits of e-transportation: 

An Eco-friendly Mode of Transportation 

Whether it is an e-scooter, e-bike, or electric hoverboard, all these products provide an eco-friendly mode of transportation to the rider. When you use these vehicles to commute from one point to another, you lessen your carbon footprint on the environment. As these vehicles run with the help of chargeable batteries, there is no emission of gas, smoke, or harmful fuels in the environment. 

Quick Means of Transportation 

The population is growing faster than the current infrastructure can keep up with. Following this, commuters face heavy traffic and packed public transport in many areas. Electric products such as e-bikes and e-scooters provide alternatives that do not add much to the traffic on the road. These vehicles occupy less space on the roads and save some of the pressure on public transport. 

They are quick and easy to ride and a better transportation option over other alternatives such as public buses, trains, or even cabs. 

Increased Accessibility 

The growing culture of e-vehicles has also increased their accessibility in the market. Many offline and online scooter shops have hundreds of e-scooters in their fleet. The buyer has plenty of options available to pick from. 

E-vehicles also save you from spending additional money on fuel, storage, or vehicle registration. This means of transportation is highly accessible and affordable.

Power-Packed Features and Specifications 

If you think that only traditional vehicles are packed with sought-after features, think again. 

Whether an electric scooter or a hoverboard, they are packed with some of the most sought-after features and specifications like a speedometer, efficient gear system, powerful batteries, safety features, navigation system, and other technical specifications to ride them more efficiently. 

E-Transportation – the Future of Transportation in Australia 

Ever since the emergence of e-transportation throughout the world, many countries have adopted this method of commuting over the obsolete ones. Australia, too, is thriving over this new concept. The online and offline markets are swarmed with a variety of e-vehicles to choose from. 

Tips to Buy the Best E-Vehicles? 

  • Before buying, research everything about the model you are looking forward to bringing home. Learn about all its features and specifications in detail and then buy the choicest one accordingly. 
  • Do not turn a blind eye to the safety features of e-vehicles. 
  • Cross-check the reviews and ratings of the website selling the e-transportation online. 
  • If you buy e-vehicles for your little ones, choose according to their weight, height, and safety features. 


Before jumping on the bandwagon of e-vehicles, carefully read all the terms of conditions. Follow the local laws and safety practices while riding such vehicles. 

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