HBO Max Australia: Watch Your Favourite Shows (July 2021)

HBO Max Australia

HBO Max is an American streaming (video on demand) platform owned by WarnerMedia, a division of AT&T. The service was launched on May 27, 2020, in the United States and is available in Australia by buying a bundle on Foxtel TV or subscribing to a Foxtel NOW streaming pack. If you are not into bundles, Binge is a great alternative for HBO Max Australia shows. 

HBO content can be found in Stan too but their HBO library is quite small. So, if you want to watch and enjoy the full line-up of HBO shows, movies, and documentaries from HBO Max Australia or HBO you’ll need a premium VPN. 

HBO Max Australia: Binge Shows With Our Tips

Is HBO Max Australia available? 

Many HBO Max programs are available in Australia through Foxtel (operator of Fox Showcase and the Binge streaming service). Foxtel (which is currently creating a brand new streaming platform under the code name, “Project Ares”) reached expanded agreements with WarnerMedia shortly before HBO Max’s launch, 

This service is rumoured to host some of the wider HBO Max content such as the Cartoon Network library, but most details are currently under wraps but they are extending their rights to HBO main-channel programming and including most HBO Max original series and films produced directly by WarnerMedia, and eventual streaming rights to the WarnerMedia library series which recently added Friends.

Programs produced by third-party studios are negotiated separately which means rights to Love Life (produced by Lionsgate) are held by Stan in Australia.

How can I watch HBO Max Australia? 

How to Watch HBO Max in Australia using a VPN (5 Easy Steps)

To get access to HBO Max Australia, just follow these easy steps:

  1. After you select a preferred VPN service, download it 
  1. Subscribe to it
  1. Now, launch the VPN app and connect the app to a US server
  1. Make an account on HBO Max or HBO 
  1. Login to your specific HBO service and begin steaming your favorite HBO shows and movies from Australia from the privacy of your own home! 

How to watch HBO in Australia on Foxtel TV

Do you have a Foxtel IQ subscription and are wondering whether HBO is on Foxtel? You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that because it houses exclusive rights to show HBO first runs and on-demand HBO content in Australia. 

This Australian media company also provides a premium cable/satellite TV service, Foxtel IQ, which you can easily subscribe to and get access to almost all HBO titles—which added Westworld, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and more—beginning from $49 per month. 

It’s the simplest and easiest way to watch HBO content as the set-up for Foxtel IQ involves the installation of a set-top box at your home. The Foxtel IQ set-top box functions as a receiver as well as a digital video recorder. That function means you can download your favourite HBO shows and movies on your set-top box hard drive and view them later without worrying about buffering issues.

Foxtel IQ bundles to watch HBO in Australia

To get Foxtel IQ on your TV, you need to buy one of Foxtel IQ’s bundles on either 12-month or no lock-in payment plans.

  • Foxtel Plus bundle: It is the most basic Foxtel IQ bundle on offer if you want to stream HBO on TV in Australia. Foxtel Plus bundle features 50+ channels, 130 complete drama series, and various lifestyle, reality, and music programs. It does not have support for HD broadcasts though and costs $49 per month, whichever payment plan you may choose.
  • Foxtel Plus with HD bundle (only 12-month plan available): It is the HD-support version of Foxtel Plus. It costs $59 per month and offers all the same features as the Foxtel Plus bundle.
  • Movies HD & Kids bundle: This bundle is the upgraded version of Foxtel Plus, containing 50+ channels, Kids pack, and a huge library of HD movies. This specific bundle has a 12-month payment plan which can set you back $55 per month, while its no lock-in payment plan costs $74 per month.
  • Sports HD bundle: This bundle is the sports-packaged version of Foxtel Plus and features 12 more live HD sports channels and a Kids pack. You can get its 12-month plan for $55 per month and no lock-in plan which can set you back $74 per month.
  • Sports HD & Netflix bundle: It has the Australian Netflix standard plan in addition to Foxtel Plus and Sports HD packs. Its 12-month plan costs $59 per month, while its no lock-in plan costs $86 per month.
  • Movies HD, Kids & Netflix bundle: It has the Australian Netflix standard plan in addition to Foxtel Plus, Movies HD, and Kids pack. Go for the 12-month plan for $59 per month and no lock-in plan which costs $86 per month.
  • Foxtel Plus & Netflix bundle: This specific bundle is the Netflix-packaged version of Foxtel Plus and costs $61 per month, whichever payment plan you may choose.
  • Premium bundle: It is inclusive of Foxtel Plus, Sports HD, and Movies HD & Kids pack. It’s a 12-month plan which is priced at $79 per month, while it’s no lock-in plan can set you back $99 per month.
  • Premium & Netflix bundle: It brings together all Premium bundle offerings (except for Sports HD) with the Australian Netflix standard plan. You can get its 12-month plan for $84 per month and no lock-in plan which can set you back $111 per month.
  • Platinum Plus bundle: This bundle offers everything Foxtel IQ has to offer, including Foxtel Plus, Sports HD, Australian Netflix, and Movies HD & Kids pack. Its 12-month plan costs $99 per month, while their no lock-in plan can set you back $139 per month.


Do I need to pay for the satellite dish or set-top box when subscribing to a Foxtel IQ bundle?

If you go for a 12-month payment plan, then you don’t need to pay anything additional for the installation of the satellite dish or set-top box. In case of no lock-in contracts, however, Foxtel does require you to pay an additional $225 in installation charges. 

What Foxtel channel is HBO on in Australia?

Most of the HBO content can be streamed on Foxtel’s Fox Showcase channel in Australia. At the same time, a couple of popular comedy shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Silicon Valley can be found over on the Comedy Channel. Under the Foxtel Plus bundle, both these channels can be found. 

Foxtel IQ compatible devices

PC and Mac

iOS mobile devices (iOS 9.3.5 or above)

Android mobile devices (Android 5 and above)

Google Chromecast (via casting)

Smart TVs (via casting)

Apple TV (via AirPlay)

Foxtel GO app for Foxtel IQ customers

Foxtel provides a free streaming app, Foxtel GO, for its TV customers to stream HBO content on the go, from anywhere in Australia. The Foxtel app can be paired with PC, Mac, and Android, and iOS mobile devices.


Easy access to HBO content

Trouble-free viewing experience

A convenient service to go for since you can bundle multiple TV packs together, in addition to your current phone (or internet) plan, if you’ve subscribed to the service through Telstra


You may have to switch your existing TV service provider

Some HBO titles, especially those released for HBO Max, are not available on Foxtel IQ

No support for Apple TV without AirPlay

Can be expensive

No trial period

Installation can be a hassle

How to subscribe to Foxtel IQ

You can subscribe to Foxtel IQ TV service by visiting Foxtel’s online shopping page. 

Now that we’ve discussed how to get around watching HBO Max in Australia, let’s look at some benefits or reasons for why it’s one of the best streaming sites: 

  • According to AT&T, HBO Max has 44.2 million activated subscribers as of April 22, 2021. 
  • HBO Max is based on WarnerMedia’s HBO premium television service and includes all of its programming, plus a variety of additional original programming and library content from all parts of WarnerMedia, as well as third-party content providers that WarnerMedia purchased from broadcast rights. 

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