How to Bet on Tennis Matches: Tennis Betting Explained

How to Bet on Tennis Matches

Tennis betting with regard to the availability of data is far ahead of other sports. The popularity of tennis varies around the world. Some parts have hardcore tennis fans, while in some areas it’s not valued highly.

ATP and WTA Tours organize tennis tournaments all around the world. The schedule of matches is designed in such a way that there’s a match every other day. Top major tennis tournaments are U.S Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open, ATP Finals, and WTA Finals.

Another highlight of tennis tournaments is celebrity attendance. From royal families to global movie stars, everyone watches major tennis finals live, which attracts more eyeballs and brings more sponsorships.

Types of tennis bets

The primary types of bets in tennis are Moneyline, spread, and the over/under.


In moneyline, you place bets on the winner of the match. The favorite and underdog odds are indicated by a positive sign or negative sign.

For example, in a match between R. Nadal and Andy Murray, if Nadal has odds of -110. This means you’d have to pay $110 to win $100. If Murray has odds of +120, you’d win $120 on betting $100.

There is also the possibility of just betting on the winner of the first set in tennis betting.

Game spread

The game spread is an interesting one, as tennis odds can vary massively between players because of it is an individual sport. Because of less variance, the spread levels the playing field so you can bet on the game spread.

For example, if Roger Federer is a -1000 favorite over Sam Querrey in a 3-set match. Suppose the game spread is about -4.5. This means Federer needs to win five more games than Sam in the match. If Federer wins 6-4 and 6-3 and you bet against Sam, you would win.

Set spread

It’s similar to the game spread wagering. Instead of betting on games, you can bet on sets.

For example, Osaka is favored over V. Williams, there is a chance that she might have a -1.5 spread in a 3-set match. This means Osaka needs to win the match by winning consecutive sets. If the score is 6-2 and 6-3 in favor of Osaka and you bet on her, you’d win. If Williams wins a set, you’d lose.


Generally, in over/under, you’d bet on the final score. Similarly, in tennis, over/under bets are placed on the total number of games to be played.

For example, in a 3-set match of N. Djokovic and S. Wawrinka, the over/under might be at 21.5 games, meaning the match needs at least 22 games if you want to win the bet. If Djokovic wins 7-5 and 6-4, that would mean the match had 22 games. Anything lower than this, you would lose the bet.

Other types of bets


Similar to basketball or baseball, there’s a futures market in tennis betting. In this betting, you place a bet on a player on future odds. In major tournaments, you can also bet quarterly. If you bet on Federer in the U.S Open to win the quarter and he reaches the semi-finals, that means you won your bet.

Live betting

It’s risky but rewarding. The odds keep changing as the match continues and you need to stay ready and ahead of scoring points before it’s too late to bet. In a tennis match, the match swing is high, which makes live betting risky.


Props betting is largely available everywhere. It can be found in major tournaments in which you can bet on match events, like will there be a tie break or the exact score of the set, etc.

How to win in tennis betting?

Although it’s impossible to win every bet, you can maximize your chances of winning most of the time. The following are some betting tips and strategies.

Analysis of information

Recent form and statistics are important aspects of a player. Before choosing a player as a favorite, you must do a background check, and look for news about the player’s form and injuries. It’s also necessary to know the record of a player at the venue and matchups.

Head-to-head score

This information is relevant and crucial. Interpreting head-to-head statistics can give you reliable information that can help you make your bet.

Capitalize on small chances

Odds change depending on injuries of players, lack of motivation, or a chance at reaching the final. Keeping a close watch on this off-the-field information can help in determining the winner of the match. Such info can also be of use for players with poor results, as odds can significantly switch in their favor.

Players’ behavior

Tennis players behave differently under pressure. In a tennis match, there are many occasions like breakpoints when such pressure arises. Studying the player’s reaction in crunch situations can help you win many bets.

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