How To Fuel Your Brand Growth with Creative TikTok Strategies


Your target audience is already present. One of the most important reasons why marketers utilise social media to promote their brands and increase engagement is because of this. Nevertheless, depending on the platform, you’ll have to change your marketing strategy.

Music and humour take centre stage on TikTok. But, before we go into this young social media app, let’s look at some TikTok statistics. This is to see if it’s worthwhile to initiate a TikTok marketing campaign to obtain an advantage over the competition. 

The age range of TikTok users will be the first thing you’ll need to know. Although they range in age from ten to fifty, the bulk of them are between the ages of ten and nineteen, at least in the United States. As per Wallaroo, the following age groups are 20-29 (29.5%), 30-39 (16.4%), 40-49 (13.9%), and 50+ (7.1%). This indicates that TikTok’s user base is broadening. As a result, this is the greatest time to develop a presence, particularly because many individuals are remaining at home and using the app to pass the time. TikTok’s core appeal is, once again, humour and music. However, creative marketing is hidden behind the surface. Specifically, creative marketing is aimed at incorporating your brand or goods in a fun and engaging way.

That’s not to imply that TikTok users aren’t creating educational stuff. In the app, the strategy has taken root. However, the main idea is that of playfulness. Here are a few ways one can fuel brand growth with a few TikTok strategies.

1. Choose a niche topic

TikTok, just like every other social media app, is centred on quality content. When you’ve decided to use this platform to market your business, make sure your branding is consistent. The opportunities for creating valuable material are limitless. Choose a topic in which you have a great deal of experience and offer your knowledge. First, investigate your competitors’ TikTok material. Now, to outperform them, do your best to develop superior content. Monitoring and evaluating customer input will help you determine if you’re on the correct track.

2. Participate in a Hashtag Challenge

This TikTok craze is a wonderful tool for expanding your brand’s reach. Make sure to include relevant hashtags in each video, as this is the most natural method to grow. If you’re not sure what hashtags to use, go to TikTok’s searching section and enter in a relevant, broad phrase. A system will generate a list of hashtags related to your topic depending on it. Launching a TikTok hashtag challenge is another approach to use hashtags to advertise your company. All you must do is submit a catchy video, add a branded hashtag, then motivate your audience to make their own. Viral marketing is what expands the audience and encourages TikTok users to interact.

3. Via TikTok marketing campaigns, collaborate with other creators 

Unless you want your brand to reach a huge audience but don’t have the financial means to do it, forming a relationship with other businesses and content creators may be the answer. For example, if you work in the fashion industry and want to promote your business, you may seek out other people in the industry that have a large following and offer them a partnership. And let them know you’re willing to collaborate, send them a short, pleasant message. Because the reciprocal, possible benefits of such a relationship are obvious, there’s a good likelihood that someone will take your offer seriously.

4. TikTok’s Educational Content 

You should concentrate on bite-sized recommendations rather than a 30-minute session. Tell people what it is you’re teaching in the first clip (approximately 3 seconds); for example, “Three recommendations for developing a brand on TikTok.” Give your first tip in the second clip (around 15 seconds). Continue with your second and third suggestions. Although one of Kenya’s most popular pieces of educational content was not even business-related— it’s a TikTok that demonstrates how to use a colander properly—it earned 1 million views in a week.

5. TikTok’s Business Content 

The method wherein Keenya offers business content on TikTok is nearly identical to Gary V’s 15-second videos on Instagram Stories, except for the duration. Because TikTok material remains on your feed indefinitely, you may utilise it to entice viewers to desire more from you, such as by directing them to your YouTube channel. The goal is to get viewers to watch the rest of the video and then go where you want them to go for more information by hooking them with the first clip or tip.

6. Explore the Platform 

Whenever it comes to advertising a brand on social media, the last thing you want to do is go into it without knowing everything there is to know about it. To avoid becoming perplexed by this site, research what kind of content works best on TikTok, how to reach out to other users, as well as how to seamlessly integrate your business into the platform. This is a social networking site where originality is valued far more than on other sites. We don’t scroll for educational stuff; TikTok’s audience is mostly interested in entertainment and humour, so serious sales themes are unsuitable for them. Always keep in mind that the bulk of the TikTok audience is between the ages of 16 and 25, thus demonstrating originality is the greatest approach to reach individuals

7. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers 

Influencers on TikTok aren’t as well-known as Instagram influencers for having massive followings. Reaching target users, on the other hand, is what will assist you advertise your business. Collaborate with influencers whose followers are likely to be interested in your brand and will buy from you. It works in the same way as Instagram advertising does. Influencers are embracing the TikTok platform to create high-quality content to gain more sponsorships. If your budget permits it, consider working with an influencer to advertise your product. This strategy applies not only to businesses selling actual goods but also to businesses offering services such as online store templates.

8. Make Interesting Content 

Complying with TikTok stars and using hashtags is critical for reaching a wide audience, but let’s face it: none of these methods will work if the stuff you share is boring. You have just 15-60 seconds on TikTok to encourage others to follow you. Don’t sacrifice the quality of the content; it is about being active. Make careful to make a pleasant, understandable video, as this is the first thing that a visitor will notice. Make sure that most of the posts have the correct design. Consider how you’ll caption your videos. It ought to be noteworthy without becoming overbearing. Please remember that TikTok is a social network, therefore you’re looking for user involvement.

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