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Jodie Haydon: Who Is Anthony Albanese’s Girlfriend? 7 Personal Details!

Jodie Haydon

Jodie Haydon has become Australia’s First Lady, although she is not yet married to Anthony Albanese, the current PM of Australia. Jodie Haydon, 43, and Mr Albanese will be just the second unmarried couple to be handed the keys to the Prime Minister’s residences after Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson back in the year 2013. While it’s rare for a single prime minister to be elected in Australia, history seems to be repeating itself with Anthony Albanese and Jodie Haydon’s unmarried love life, but will wedding bells ring soon? Or is Anthony Albanese done with the idea of marriage once and for all? Let’s find out! 

Jodie Haydon: Here Are 7 Things About Aussie PM Anthony Albanese’s Current Girlfriend

1. Who is Jodie Haydon?

Jodie Haydon (born 1980) is the girlfriend of Anthony Albanese who was sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia on 22 May 2022 following his party’s victory in the 2022 general election. Mr. Albanese who is the Leader of the Labor Party was also the former Deputy Prime Minister from 27 June 2013 to 18 September 2013, with a period of less than 3 months. 

2. Jodie Haydon didn’t steal Anthony Albanese from his wife:

Anthony Albanese has spoken of his devastation when his wife ended their marriage, revealing he almost quit politics to win her back. 

Infact, it was Carmel Tebbutt, his wife of 19 years, who dropped the divorce bombshell on New Year’s Day in 2019, prompting Mr Albanese to plead he would trade in his political career to save their marriage. 

Mr Albanese and his ex-wife first met in the late 1980s at a Young Labor event and had been together for more than 30 years, marrying in 2000.

She had been his closest confidante and political sounding board, but everything changed “instantly”.

“I thought we would spend our lives together,” Mr Albanese stated during one interview recalling the huge shock that hit him.

But Ms Tebbutt, herself a former deputy premier of NSW, turned down the offer.

When his offer to sacrifice his political future in an attempt to rekindle their love was rejected, Mr Albanese admits he “wasn’t in a very good personal state”.

“I found it personally very traumatic and wondering what I was going to do with my life because it was going one direction and then it wasn’t.”

He wasn’t even sure he wanted to contest his seat in the upcoming 2019 election. But thankfully for the sake of his career, it was a good move because he won and found a seat as PM in 2022! 

Ms Albanese soon learned that the only way out of the dark place he found himself in was to accept his decision – and not even try to understand it.

Advised by friends not to upset his life, he stays with his son Nathan in the family home.

He then found the energy to take a break abroad on his own ahead of the 2019 election, traveling to Britain and then Portugal, where he met the foreign secretary.

Mr Albanese said he then had to ask himself “am I up to it?” and decided to continue.

When then Labor leader Bill Shorten was routed in the May 2019 election and resigned, Mr Albanese came forward and was confirmed on May 30, 2019 when the only other candidate Chris Bowen was removed.

3. Here’s how Jodie Haydon and Anthony Albanese met:

After Albanese’s seat was confirmed on May 30, 2019, he started a new relationship with Jodie Haydon, whom he had met at a dinner party a year after splitting from his ex-wife Ms. Tebbutt. They also shared the same interest in the South Sydney Rabbitohs (a rugby league team) and lived near each other in Sydney’s Inner West.

After a car accident in January 2021, Mr. Albanese took his next bold step by embarking on a weight loss program and then a makeover ahead of the 2022 election. 

He lost 18 kg in less than a year by cutting out carbohydrates, increasing his exercise routine,  and giving up alcohol for three months.

4. Anthony Albanese, his ex-wife, and Jodie Haydon seem to be on good terms: 

During a bumpy but ultimately successful election campaign in 2022, Anthony’s ex-wife Ms. Tebbutt continued to support her ex-husband.

She handed out flyers for Linda Burney in Barton’s seat in a voting booth and even paid attention to her ex-husband’s beloved cavoodle named Toto, three years after she suddenly abandoned their marriage.

5. The moment Jodie Haydon fell for Anthony:

Anthony Albanese’s girlfriend Jodie Haydon once opened up about her relationship with PM Anthony and spoke with Spotlight on 7NEWS about the relationship. She broke her silence with the media for good reason: to share her love story! 

Anthony Albanese’s girlfriend of two years revealed the moment she knew she was in love with the now-Prime Minister of Australia. He often calls Jodie Haydon his “secret weapon”, and she was quick to speak of their love giving him unprecedented access to her life.

Jodie told one magazine the moment she knew she loved Albo was shortly after he was in a serious car accident in January 2021 when Jodie and Albo hadn’t even been together for a year yet. Tony’s car was reportedly wrecked by a Range Rover driven by a P plate just yards from his home in Sydney’s midwest. The then opposition leader was rushed to hospital.

Jodie explained how she felt at the time: ” When I got to the accident and saw the car before I saw Anthony, and I remember thinking at the time, ‘it can’t not end well'”

“And that overwhelming feeling of ‘what if I lose it?’ And I knew then that, yes, I love him. And I love him deeply.”

6. Jodie Haydon, will she remain a partner and not a wife?

In May 2022, Jodie Haydon, 43, and Mr Albanese, 59, became just the second unmarried couple to be handed the keys to the Prime Minister’s residences after Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson in 2013.

While the citizens of Australia love the authenticity this pair brings us with one Twitter user calling Jodie “delightful, charming, smart and so friendly”, we wonder if Mr Albanese will put a ring on Miss Jodie Haydon soon. 

7. Jodie Haydon’s career: 

Haydon, who has been dating Mr. Albanese, 59, since 2020, said she would continue her career in the role of a female leader of the NSW Public Service Association. According to Wikipedia, she is also a women’s advocate and Australian financial services professional. 

Although Ms. Haydon, the daughter of teachers from the NSW Central Coast, has not played a prominent role in Mr. Albanese’s campaign, she has regularly appeared alongside him at events in recent years.

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