Managed Internet Services: What Exactly Does It Mean?

Managed Internet Services

This is the age of technology and information. And because of that, it’s almost impossible for any business (big or small) to run without IT. As the world gets more and more digital, many firms and individuals use managed services. With so many businesses being dependent on their online presence, having a basic internet service isn’t enough. Yes, your business can be connected to the internet but you need more, much more. That’s where managed internet service providers come to play. MISPs as they are commonly known, are very important for any 21st century business to succeed in the long run. In this post, we will find out more about them. Let’s get started.

Managed Internet Services: All You Need To Know

What are managed services?

Managed services are defined as:

  • Those intended for the remote administration of the technological and / or IT infrastructure of a specific company.
  • In some cases, the company may also contact the management of the end-user systems.
  • A resource highly appreciated by small and medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers, who in many cases cannot have  specialized IT profiles  in their workforces.

Thus, a professional and trusting relationship is established between the company that provides the managed services and the company that hires them.

Employees of the former, despite performing their work remotely, show a proactive attitude in their professional duties. In other words, they do not wait for a certain problem or anomaly in the infrastructure to arise, but instead, make continuous proposals for maintenance and improvement of services.

Why do you need managed services in general?

Sometimes, the volume of data that companies must handle is such that they are not able to cover it with their own resources: increase in corporate transactions on the Internet, increased use of online advertising platforms, greater number of profiles on social networks, etc.

This is where managed services come into play, to complement the own resources of SMEs and freelancers.

In some cases, in which companies cannot have specialized IT profiles, so that this service is outsourced 100%. 

What is the role of a managed internet service provider?

A normal internet service provider (ISP) just connects your business to the internet, sends bills monthly and the occasional emails about price hikes and new offers. 

Managed internet service providers (MISPs) connect your business to the internet, while also maintaining the connection throughout to ensure that your business can run smoothly. They are not limited to a single provider and more often than not, find better connections for your business’ growth.

What are the benefits of managed internet services?

While a normal internet service might be sufficient when your business is just starting up, your internet requirements will grow with time. You will most likely need much more speed and bandwidth to handle the ever increasing flow of data. However, it won’t make sense to just guess how much more speed and bandwidth you will need. You may end up paying more for things you didn’t need or end up with a connection that is still inadequate.

Managed internet services providers will ensure that your needs are matched by the available connectivity. In case your firm operates simultaneously from multiple locations, managed internet services providers can connect you with the right internet solution for every single location. 

Managed internet services providers are very important for your firm when you are planning to scale up. They provide you with exactly what you need and bring your expenses down. You will also save on paying late fines on service bills as they always ensure that these bills are paid on time. Of course, they are always precisely adapted to the needs of each client, in a 100% personalized way.

When did managed services start?

The origin of managed service providers dates back to the 1990s. It was then that application service providers were born.

They offered very effective solutions for hosting remote applications. These providers marked the beginning of a new scenario in which provider companies offered remote support for their clients’ IT infrastructures.

What are the offerings of a managed services company?

Managed services can be hired by all types of companies and self-employed professionals, regardless of their size and sector of activity. However, it is more common for their hiring to be done by small and medium-sized companies.

Even so, a large company can also contract these services at times when it needs a great intensity of ICT resources, such as the opening of a new business area or the launch of a new product on the market.

Faced with this type of situation, resorting to managed services is a great alternative from a strategic point of view. These connect remotely with the company’s servers and monitor all the work carried out in the IT and/or technological infrastructure.

One of the main benefits that managed services offer is that thanks to the advancement of technology, they can now be in charge of the management and administration of all kinds of processes.

  • Traditional tasks such as maintaining a company’s computers or managing networks.
  • Also technical support, both to the company itself and to the end customer.
  • Logistics management.

The idea is to save work and delegate responsibilities, but with two clear requirements that this collaboration model provides: that there is no decrease in the quality of the service or lack of alignment in the objectives.

In a high percentage of cases, companies and freelancers trust a managed services provider to design and implement this type of solution. Once this phase is over, companies need constant administration, maintenance and monitoring tasks. It is precisely these that require greater professionalism and specialization.

That is why when hiring managed services it is so important to hire a holistic plan, which covers each and every stage of the process. This guarantees a good implementation of the company’s IT solutions.

In no case should the quality of the services provided by the contracting company diminish. Of course, it is an essential requirement that both the company that provides the managed internet services and the one that hires them have common objectives, and work as a team to achieve them.

Thus, hiring managed internet services is a 100% recommended option for companies and self-employed professionals. Ensuring good sustainability of the system is essential to offer a professional and trustworthy service to the company’s customers.

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