Strangest Board Games That Will Fascinate Your Guests

Strangest Board Games That Will Fascinate Your Guests

Board games are still alive. Weird thing to say, right? Even though the latest video game consoles and fancy VR headsets are taking the gaming limelight, board games remain popular among people of all ages. There’s something intriguingly social about board games that can’t be replicated by online video games. We’re all familiar with Monopoly, but there are some board games out there that you have probably never heard of before. These strange and quirky games can provide an interesting experience for those looking to break away from the norm, or those looking to impress their friends at a sleepover. While some of these may not be available to buy anymore, they are certainly worth mentioning.

Vegas Showdown

There is a peculiar casino-themed board game called Vegas Showdown, released in 2005. This game is not about playing casino games like those found on SpinFever or other popular online casino websites. Instead, players take on the roles of wealthy casino moguls, each competing to build the most successful and luxurious casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip. The game combines elements of bidding, tile placement, and resource management. Players bid on various casino attractions, such as slot machines, restaurants, and lounges, and then strategically place these tiles in their respective casinos to maximize revenue and attract the most customers.

The Royal Game of Ur

The Royal Game of Ur, also known as the Game of Twenty Squares, is one of the oldest known board games in history, dating back to around 2600 BCE. The objective of the game is to move all seven of the player’s pieces from their starting position, along a specific path through the board, and then off the board, effectively “escaping” the city of Ur. Although the exact rules of the game are not fully understood, modern replicas are available for purchase.

War on Terror: The Board Game

This satirical game from 2006 aims to highlight the complexity and moral ambiguity surrounding the global war on terror. Players assume the roles of world leaders, forming alliances, fighting terrorism, and sometimes even becoming terrorists themselves. Complete with a balaclava featuring an “Evil” logo, this game is sure to raise some eyebrows.

The Sinking of the Titanic Game

Released in 1975, this game takes a tragic historical event and turns it into a competitive survival experience. Players race to escape the sinking ship, collect supplies, and eventually reach a rescue boat. The game has been criticized for its morbid theme and its exploitative nature.

The Campaign for North Africa

An incredibly detailed and lengthy war game that simulates the North African campaign of World War II, known for taking up to 1,200 hours to complete. The game is designed to be historically accurate, with several different scenarios and modifiable rules. It is no wonder why this game is a favorite among war-game enthusiasts.

Friedemann Friese’s Fast Forward series

Not a single game, but a collection of them, each with a unique concept. The series includes titles like FEAR, FLEE, FORTRESS, and FRENZY. What sets these games apart is that they come without rulebooks. Instead, players discover the rules as they play, with new cards revealing additional gameplay mechanics or altering existing ones. This unorthodox approach to learning the game creates a sense of exploration and unpredictability.

These strange board games offer a unique experience for those looking to break away from more traditional games. They may not be suitable for all audiences, but they can provide an interesting and thought-provoking conversation starter. If you’re looking to spice up your next game night, why not try one of these weird board games?

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