The Features That Online Bettors in Australia Will Have Access to

The features that online bettors in Australia will have access to

Although online betting is most popular in Europe and Africa, this hobby is gaining new followers worldwide. Besides India, the US, and a couple of other countries, Australia is also becoming a hot destination for every top-rated gambling website. As a result, people can utilize more betting companies than ever before. Due to the fact that picking the right option is not always easy, Silenbet’s readers can check the given list that consists of the best bookmakers for Australia. It includes a couple of popular brands that have made a name for themselves in the last couple of years. 

Every iGaming company is exceptional and offers specific things that set it apart from other operators. However, the best iGaming sites in Australia have some things in common, such as the betting features. There are some exceptions, but the industry-leading gambling brands offer almost the same features for people who wager on sports and play casino games. Here are the most common options and some of the critical information you need to know.


Despite not being present on every iGaming website, Build-a-Bet is one of the best options you can use to bet on sports. Some online bookmakers also call it Bet Builder because it lets people create their own bets. The idea of this option is to allow iGaming fans to combine special sports betting markets that are otherwise impossible to access in a single bet. In other words, people who want to stake on a specific match can choose multiple options without the need to wager on a different event.

Although Bet Builder is available on most online bookmakers in Australia, this feature might have different versions. With that being said, neither of them allows gamblers to stake on options that exclude each other. This means that people can’t stake on multiple options from 1×2.

Request a bet

The second feature that is similar to the first one is called Request a bet. Unlike Bet Builder, this option is only available on specific iGaming websites. What’s more, people who want to use it need to contact the given bookie using things, such as Twitter or a mobile phone.

The idea behind Bet Request is to wager on a market that is not available to anyone else. In most cases, only experienced punters utilize this option because others prefer to use some of the available markets.

If you have an idea about a specific market and want to wager on it, check whether the Australian bookie you’ve chosen offers this service. Make sure to have a Twitter account because most iGaming operators that provide this feature require you to have it.


Another sports betting feature that many people will decide to put to the test while punting on sports is called In-Play. No matter which of the top bookmakers for Australia from Silentbet you go to, this will be one of the available options. However, some iGaming companies call it Live Betting instead of In-Play.

Regardless of how it is called, this is a feature designed for online bettors who want to have the best possible experience. Despite the fact that pre-match betting has a lot of advantages, some punters get bored after a while. That’s why the leading gambling sites have an In-Play section dedicated to providing users with live matches that they can stake on.

Punting on live sports improves people’s overall experience. It allows them to use more features, have access to unique markets that are not available elsewhere, and avail themselves of constantly-changing odds. The latter is known as “Dynamic odds” because they change after every important in-game event. So, people who know what they’re doing can expect to come across a lot of betting opportunities.

Live Streaming

One of the things we’ve mentioned while discussing the In-Play option is that it allows gamblers to access new features. One option that is becoming more sought-after among football and eSports betting fans is live streaming. It gives clients access to live (usually HD) video that gives them the option to watch the event as it unfolds. It does not directly impact the odds or markets, but the feature helps gamblers make the right decision when it comes down to choosing a specific market. 

Although some of the best gambling sites in Australia from Silentbet have their own live streaming platforms, others use the services of third-party companies. Unfortunately, some of them do not offer HD quality.

Cash Out

The final feature on this list is the most popular one among people who wager on sports in Australia and other countries. Cash Out is an option that is available on most iGaming websites because millions of punters use it. The option gives them the power to settle a bet before a given event is over. As a result, gamblers can save some of the money they’ve placed or claim a large portion of their winnings without having to wait for the event to come to an end.

Due to the fact that Cash Out is really popular among online punters, some betting sites offer several variations of this promo. Besides the regular version, bookies often include partial cash out or even automatic cash out. Each option is unique, so make sure to learn more about them before you start wagering.

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