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The Reasons Behind Sexual Desire

The Reasons Behind Sexual Desire

Sex involves, in most cases, many mysteries, doubts and questions. Especially when it comes to not disappointing the other person, looking like a complete idiot or not meeting expectations. Who doesn’t feel insecure when it comes to sex, even a bit? Even professionals in the adult sector such as porn stars and escorts in Canberra.

And it is not easy, at least, in most cases, despite all the applications and facilities that there are today. So we would have to analyze the whole process, step by step, starting, of course, by the known sexual desire or attraction.

So what is it?

Sexual desire and attraction usually appear at the beginning of the process but are not completely necessary. It depends on each case and situation. 

It is important to know how to identify and distinguish each term to understand and notice it:

  • Sexual desire: this is simply the desire to have sex, not necessarily with a specific person due to a specific set of feelings but to have sex, period.
  • Sexual attraction: refers to the desire to be intimate and to approach and have sexual intercourse with one or several people. 
  • Libido: related to the desire and need to feel sexual pleasure. Both alone or with someone.

These three points are just some of those that influence people when having sex. Because they can be very different for each person and are evolving and changing over time and experiences. So it’s very difficult to identify and measure them.

Why do they exist?

The answer lies primarily in a purely biological and reproductive matter. Because in the end, the goal of every species is to survive, to be born, to eat, to reproduce and to die. Nature is wise.

Although if we link it to the pleasure that causes, in the end, to have sex, then the possibilities increase. Besides, who after having an orgasm doesn’t want to repeat?

It is important to mention also the erotization of today’s societies. In tv series, commercials, movies… Before, getting married and having sex was much more important and reserved only for that special person. Now, however, you can have a crazy night with someone you just met or with one of the sexy escorts in Brisbane.

It is also necessary to talk about fashion and beauty standards. Because this, indirectly, dictated what is beautiful, attractive and even sexy for the vast majority of people, and that’s why everyone wants to fit in that ideal standard to be wanted and be able to seduce and attract more people.

How to grow and maintain sexual attraction and desire?

It has always been noticed and confirmed by researchers that men value more what has to do with the physique and appearance. That is to say that by visual stimuli, men feel more attraction and sexual desire. Women, on the other hand, have a broader spectrum, not purely physical.

That is why if the intention is to increase and enhance these three points mentioned above the strategy and techniques differ if it is one or the other gender. 

It is always suggested that a man should take the first step and be the leader of the process, while the woman has to be the desirable target and wait until the first approach is made. But how true is that? 

  • Advice for both of them:
    • Correct diet: including aphrodisiacs and healthy foods
    • Rest: it is indispensable to rest and sleep properly (around 8 hours daily) to keep a good appearance, to have more energy and to be able to perform properly.
    • Physical exercise: such as kegel or pelvic floor exercises.
    • Relaxation: No more preoccupations!
    • Self-confidence: Without self-esteem and a minimum of self confidence no one gets anywhere. The first person you have to like is yourself!
    • Self-knowledge: to discover what is more attractive and desirable it is necessary to first identify it to look for it. Blond or black hair, green or blue eyes… What is the ideal beauty for each person?
    • Look in the eyes: It’s a delicate way to indicate interest in someone. Don’t stop looking! Staring (while not glaring) at someone is one of the main ways to tell the attraction and take the first step.
    • Have a Laugh: There’s nothing better to attract people than making them laugh. 
    • Touches: Without burdening and casually, take advantage of the touch and watch the reaction. Does the person move away? Do they smile and stay close? 
    • Interesting conversation: No stuttering, monologues or uncomfortable silences. It is important that the conversation flows to get to know each other better and continue to get closer.
    • Get pretty and sexy: The first visual contact is primordial to get someone’s attention. So dress up and invest in the appearance strengths!
    • Lips: While engaging in conversation with someone, looking at their lips is usually an indication of the desire to give the first kiss. And from there, to whatever comes!

Everything is very important and probably will have a lot of influence at all levels of life; self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, pleasure. 

Sexual desire and libido as well as attraction are affected by many factors, such as stress, routine, past experiences or previous sex education amongst other things. That is why the Desi escorts in Auckland recommend being aware of all this and acting accordingly. In the end, sex is crucial, especially when it comes to a couple’s life, and for that is good to know how to adapt and understand yourself and others to enjoy the fullest.

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