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Top 5 Sexual Fantasies for Guys And How to Explore Them

Top 5 Sexual Fantasies for Guys And How to Explore Them

Do your favorite fantasies fall into the top 5 most common among men? Plus, tips on how to start safely exploring them with Australian escorts

Fantasies are totally normal

We are all have fantasies. Some of us have some pretty out-there thoughts, while others like to keep things comfortable and vanilla. Whatever your style of fantasies are, rest assured that they are most likely completely normal.

The great part about fantasies is that they are just that *fantasy* and nothing more. You don’t need to feel guilty about escaping from day-to-day life now and then. But sometimes, it can be beneficial for our sex lives if we also act out these fantasies of ours (as long as they don’t harm anyone, of course).

Finding a safe way to make your fantasies a reality is a great way to explore your deepest desires and to feel more comfortable with your own sexuality. More on how to get started on this later (with some help from Australian escorts). But for now, let’s answer your burning question – are your fantasies “normal”?

Top 5 fantasies according to men


Three people, one bed. Two women, one man. Or another popular option: three men. Whatever your tastes are, adding a plus one through the act of a threesome is something that virtually all men fantasize about. And in reality, what’s not to love here?

Adding an extra body to love can only intensify the pleasure of a sexual encounter and can really add to the count of possible positions to try.

Sex with a stranger

This one tends to be a little taboo because once a person is in a relationship, sex with a stranger typically becomes immediately forbidden. But that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s totally natural to want what we can’t have. It’s the off-limits aspect of sex with a stranger that gets the fantasy gears going at full speed.

Bonus tip: The best way to explore this fantasy, is through the help of an Australian escort service.

Consensual rough sex

Not everyone is into rough sex, but a good amount of people are. So, what are you supposed to do when you want rougher sex, but your partner doesn’t? What we do best. Fantasize.

Having fantasies about sex on the rougher side is also (surprise) completely normal. As long as it’s consensual and both parties know what to expect, rough sex can be an absolutely thrilling experience, both for those that are on the dominant side and for those that prefer the passive side.

Again, we suggest using an Australian escort service to safely explore this fantasy.

Making Love

On the other end of the spectrum, a common fantasy among men is passionate, love-filled sex. A sensual encounter that is shared between two partners madly in love is something that we can all get behind.

Although it might seem strange that this particular fantasy is common, we for one are glad to see it make the list. Happy love making, guys!

Sex in public

And last but not least, sex in public is a very common fantasy. The thrill of the risk involved invokes that feeling of doing something especially “naughty”.

It’s refreshing to mix things up, even if you’re not in a relationship, sex tends to be had in the same kinds of places. At home or in a hotel. But sex in public can bring the sexy up to maximum volume, which in turn can help to boost libido.

If you’re feeling stuck or like your sex drive just isn’t what it used to be, sex in an exciting outdoor place could be what you need. Just remember to be careful when doing so.

Explore these fantasies safely with Australian escorts

Odds are pretty good that you don’t have a partner that is willing to explore these fantasies with you. If you do, congrats! But for most people, these kinds of fantasies are best explored with the help of an expert.

Australian escorts are pros when it comes to helping people discover their desires. They know exactly how to introduce you to something new, and how to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

And the best part? There’s virtually no fantasy scenario that Australian escorts aren’t familiar with. So rest assured that no awkward situations will arise. Simply communicate what your sexual needs are and what you want to explore, and your escort will lead the way. 

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