Top Tips to Travel on Budget in Australia

Top Tips to Travel on Budget in Australia

Whether you’re a seasoned travelling or new to international travel it can sometimes seem like an expensive prospect to visit a country such as Australia. Not only can it be a long and expensive journey to get to the country, but it’s such a vast country that trying to see different parts of the country can add up in costs too! However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea of visiting this part of the world, instead you need to research some top travel tips before you go; you’ll soon see that there are plenty of ways to travel on budget in Australia.

Sending Money to Australia

Spending money in a different currency and a completely different country can be expensive, so this is most definitely something that you should research and ensure that you can do in the most cost-effective way possible. We recommend you search for the best money transfers provider and make a comparison to find out which one is the best for you. It is also worth speaking to your bank about charges for using your card abroad – and also making them aware that you will be travelling so that your card doesn’t get blocked for unusual or suspicious activity when they see you using your card somewhere unexpected.

Getting To Australia

Whatever country you are travelling to the cost of plane tickets, airport parking and even transfers can soon add up so this is another area that is worth investigating before you commit to buying any tickets. For example, travelling on different days or booking flights at different times of the day can make a massive difference to the overall ticket price. By researching in advance and playing around with different times, dates and even routes you can feel confident that when it comes to booking your ticket you are buying the one that gives you the best value for money.

Accommodation Choices

Checking out accommodation beforehand works really well too when it comes to saving money when travelling. However, as well as looking at cheap accommodation you should also read reviews, check locations and see everything that the hotel offers so that you can be sure you’re booking the best accommodation rather than just the room that seems the cheapest. When you book super cheap accommodation it can sometimes be an awkward location out of the city or a room that doesn’t have any facilities, so instead it can be worth spending a little more on your initial accommodation to make sure you save money overall. Check hotel comparison websites as well as go to the hotel website directly to check what offers they have & when is going to be the best time to book.

Finding Days Out and Things To Do

Once you know when you are travelling and the area you are visiting, it is time to start looking at days out and things to do while you are there. Knowing what you want to do in advance gives you an opportunity to look out for special offers and discounts, ensuring you get the best value for money. Tourist attractions often offer discounts for booking in advance and even for booking online, so it is well worth exploring all of your options so you can book at the right time to save money.

If you are on a strict budget then you’ll find plenty of cities and towns that offer free things to do that suit the whole family. This gives you a chance to explore different things to do without having to worry too much about the cost of tickets pushing up your overall holiday costs.

Enjoying The Country on Budget

Once you have your cheap flights booked, you have sorted out your money and you know where you are staying it is time to consider what you can do to spend money while you are there! Booking day out tickets in the cheapest way possible is great but eating and drinking while on days out can add up too. Although you should definitely do what you can to treat yourself and enjoy your holiday, taking lunches with you and even buying snacks that you can store in the hotel room can really help to save you money over the duration of your travels.

When it comes to eating and drinking out, much like if you were at home it is worth looking at what special offers, happy hours and even early bird specials they offer. If you haven’t been to Australia before then evening supermarket shopping and trying out the different flavours and foods they have on offer can be exciting so don’t assume that doing everything on a budget is going to take the shine away from your holiday because there really is no need for that to be the case.

On top of that, looking at the way you get around day to day is important too. It might seem convenient to simply jump in a taxi and get to where you need to go, but a couple of taxis every single day can add up. Instead, consider taking public transport and see how that can save you money – Google maps makes life really easy when it comes to navigating transport systems so travel doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Travelling on budget in Australia isn’t something that needs to take too much hassle or cause too much stress. A big part of it is being organised and doing what you can to book things in advance and take advantage of the offers that are available to you by doing so. Making sure you have time to make a lunch for a day out rather than buying food out and then allowing time to explore the city via trains and buses rather than taxis makes things much cheaper too. Travelling to Australia is always going to be a fun adventure and sometimes doing things on a budget simply adds to the fun rather than takes away any of it!

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