Trends Transforming the Online Casino Industry in 2022

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There is no doubt that the global online casino industry is huge right now. The worldwide online gambling market, for example, was worth close to $60bn in 2021 and this figure is predicted to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030. As this shows, playing casino games online really is a hobby lots of us love to get involved with.

But why has this sector done so well recently? One major reason is how it has managed to transform over time and remain relevant. This knack for staying on the cutting edge not only helps iGaming attract more fans but also keeps it from stagnating. Key to this are the hot trends we see in the online casino industry each year.

But what trends has 2022 given us so far?

Greater focus on rewarding loyal players

This is a hot trend ripping through the online casino sector in 2022. While it has always been present to some extent around iGaming, the best online casinos now are really making a point of giving back to regular players. Common examples of this include regular bonus offers for existing players, and loyalty schemes that give back to customers. This is naturally a great thing for iGamers who stick with one platform and play there regularly.

The cool extras offered in any decent casino VIP program now show why this trend is so great for gamers. From dedicated VIP managers, who make sure you have the best experience, to exclusive rewards or access to awesome events, programs like this really do add a bit of extra magic to proceedings.

Increasing use of cryptocurrencies

Whatever you like to do in your spare time, finding out the latest information about it is key. AFL followers, for example, will naturally get a kick from learning more about top players like Gary Ablett Jr. By the same token, online casino fans in 2022 will want to keep an eye on the most eye-catching trends.

One of these has been the increased use of cryptocurrencies within iGaming, and the greater number of online casinos that have started to carry them as a payment method. This is no surprise when you see the benefits both crypto coins and the blockchain tech they are based on bring to the sector.

Lower transaction fees, for example, are valued by players, as is the enhanced safety and security playing with crypto brings. There is also an increasingly wide selection of coins to game with – especially at dedicated crypto casinos. While Bitcoin is still most popular, other examples like Ethereum are being seen more in 2022.

The metaverse starting to pick up pace

Although this 2022 online casino trend might not actually be something players can physically get involved with right now, you cannot deny that the metaverse has been a hot topic in the last few months. This next-gen version of the internet could have far-reaching benefits for playing classics like slots online, and help take internet casino play to the next level.

Due to this, it is something we are hearing more and more about in 2022 and something that is likely to be seen in the not too distant future. But what is it all about for online casino fans? In simple terms, it should use VR tech to offer a much richer and more immersive way of playing games online. As such, many within the sector are very excited about it and see it as the industry’s next leap forward.

Progression in game quality

To be fair, this is something you will see around iGaming most years and 2022 has been no exception so far. The release of feature-packed and gameplay-rich slots like Sticky Bandits: Trail of Blood from Quickspin show this to be true.

There is just no doubt that the games we are seeing this year not only look great and sound better than ever but also present a real step up for players in terms of quality. This looks set to continue during the rest of the year and should make 2022 a real high point for new games.

Online casino trends in 2022

Although the year is not yet over, 2022 has seen some big online casino trends already. From the metaverse to top-quality games, a focus on rewarding loyalty and the greater adoption of crypto in iGaming, the first half of the year has been immense. As the second part of 2022 unfolds, it will be exciting to see if these trends continue. One thing is for sure – developments like this only help to make playing casino games online more appealing than ever.

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