Rodger Corser: 6 Personal Facts About The Actor

Rodger Corser

Rodger Corser (born in Melbourne) is an Australian actor. He is best known for his portrayals of Inspector Sergeant Steve Owen in the Crime Nine Network Underbelly miniseries, based on the Melbourne gang murders, Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake in the Network Ten Rush police drama series, and Dr Hugh Knight in The Nine Network Doctor series. He was part of Glitch’s main group as John Doe / William Blackburn.

Rodger Corser: Biography and Career In 6 Facts! 

1. Who is Rodger Corser?

Australian actor Rodger Corser ( Victoria ; February 28, 1973) is best known for having played Detective Sergeant Major Steve Owen on the crime series Underbelly and Sergeant Major Lawson Blake on the series Rush.

2. Rodger Corser Quick Facts:

Birth: February 28, 1973 (age 48) Victoria, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Height: 1.85 m

Spouse: Renae Berry (matr.  2007)

Children: Zipporah Mary Corser (2002), Cilla June Corser (2012), Budd Frederick Corser (2010)

Education: Deakin University 

Occupation: Actor, Singer

Years active: since 2000

3. Personal life:

Rodger was dating singer Christine Anu, when she gave birth to daughter Zipporah “Zippy” Mary Corser on August 3, 2002, Rodger and Christine are no longer together.

In 2005 he began dating actress Renae Berry and on October 26, 2007 they got married. Renae has appeared on the series Last Man Standing and Rush. Rodger is the stepfather of Berry’s two daughters.

After Berry fought and defeated cancer, on Christmas 2009 the couple made it known that they are expecting their first child together. 

On August 18, 2010, they welcomed their first child together, Budd Kenile Frederick Corser.  In February 2012, Rodger and his wife welcomed their second daughter, Cilla June Corser.

4. Childhood education and music career:

Corser graduated from Deakin University in 1996 with an Honors BA in Media Studies. 

Prior to that, Rodger Corser was in a band called Tender Prey which he formed when he was 16. They have played their majority of concerts at the Shoppingtown Hotel, Doncaster, Victoria. He was also lead singer in a band called Stone the Crows. They performed Rolling Stones and Black Crowes covers as well as many original songs. 

His band Tender Prey released “Perfect Face” on a Nu-Music CD in the mid-1990s. Corser was also the lead vocalist for a cover band of 4 piece called “Sideshow Bob” which played around a few Melbourne pubs in the mid 90s (1995-1996) – specifically at places like the Royal Hotel in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.

5. Other interests:

Corser enjoys playing the guitar, swimming, boxing, and playing cricket. 

6. Career:

Rodger Corser has appeared on television series, he has also appeared in various commercials, among his stakes in commercials are for Hyundai automakers. 

His first role came when he joined the Australian version of the musical Rent in 1998, where he played Rodger Davis, a musician who is HIV positive. In 2000, he played his first television character on the series BeastMaster.

From 2001 to 2004 he played Peter Johnson, in the acclaimed Australian series Mcleod’s Daughters, Peter was the romantic interest of Claire Mcleod ( Lisa Chappell ) with whom he has a daughter until she finds out he is married. In 2003 he participated in the series Stingers, where he played the senior police detective Karl De Groot in the episodes: “Twilight” and “The Thin Blue Line”. In 2004 he appeared in four episodes of the hit Australian series Water Rats where he played Detective George Newhouse, in the episode “Bureaucracy Rules, OK?” shared credits with Doris Younane.

From 2005 to 2007 he appeared on the series Last Man Standing where he played photographer Adam Logan and worked with actors Matt Passmore and Fletcher Humphrys. He also appeared as a guest on the North American series The Starter Wife where he played Larry Hamill. And he appeared in the made-for-television movie Let Me Not.

From 2006 to 2008 he played Dr. Hugh Sullivan on the hit Australian series Home and Away. Hugh had an affair with Rachel Armstrong ( Amy Mathews ).

In 2008 he joined the series Underbelly where he played Detective Sergeant Superior Steve Owen, a prominent member of Task Force Purana. The series was based on the wars between the Melbourne gangs.

In 2009 he appeared in the crime series Rush where he played Sergeant, team leader and chief negotiator Lawson Blake until the end of the series in 2011; On the series he worked alongside the actors alongside Jolene Anderson and Callan Mulvey.

In 2010, he joined the main cast of the drama series Spirited where he played Steve Darling, the husband of more than five years of dentist Suzy Darling ( Claudia Karvan ).

In 2012 he joined the new Puberty Blues series where he played Ferris Hennessey, until now. 

In 2013 he joined the cast of the new NBC series Camp where he played Roger Shepherd, the arrogant and sexy camp director called “Ridgefield”,  until the series was canceled that same year after ending its first season. That same year he appeared in the miniseries Paper Giants: The Magazine Wars where he gave life to Harry M. Miller.

That same year it was announced that Rodger had joined the main cast of the new series Party Tricks where he played David McLeod, a television and radio personality. 

In 2016, he was cast as Dr Hugh Knight in The Nine Network Doctor series. The series played a huge role in his life and he once said Hugh could become a more mature person saying:  “Hugh has a big heart deep down. Perhaps my advice to him would be to rethink his decisions about drugs and alcohol. Make bad decisions because of it. I think we all need to understand the impact of our choices”.

Rodger Corser also said this was the most valuable lesson he learned from playing Hugh Knight: “I learned a great lesson: the show is about COMMUNITY. I think that’s the most important thing. My character is a bit arrogant; he is a doctor from Sydney who believes that working in a small community is perhaps unsatisfactory and will have to learn several lessons along the way; He finds some value in all this, when he went to live in Sydney he lost perspective of how things were; Going back to his roots, even with his family, I think it will be very attractive to the audience”.  

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