Kate Middleton: Royal Facts About The Duchess Of Cornwall

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is a famous member of the English Royal Family. She is the wife of Crown Prince William. Aside from being royalty, Kate Middleton is also renowned for her beauty and style. Let’s find out more about her.

The Life Of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was born into an aviation family

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading. Father, Michael Francis Middleton, was a supply worker and then a pilot for the world-famous British Airways. Her mother, Kate Carol Elizabeth, also worked there as a flight attendant. The parents got married in June 1980. Kate’s younger sister Philippa Charlotte (affectionately called Pippa) and brother James William also grew up in the family.

Kate Middleton (centre) with her schoolmates

Two years after Kate’s birth, her father was transferred to work in the capital of Jordan, where the Middletons lived until 1986. Here the girl attended the only kindergarten for children of foreigners, and after returning to England she continued her studies at St. Andrew School, from which she successfully graduated in 1995.

Kate Middleton had a rich upbringing

Kate Middleton (third from left) with her hockey teammates

Even though Kate’s ancestors were from the working class, her parents earned enough that the girl did not need anything as a child. She could travel, study in the best colleges and institutes, and was a little inferior in education and upbringing to a real aristocrat.

After school, she studied at Marlborough College, where the future Duchess of Cambridge graduated from the Duke of Edinburgh’s program, and at the highest level.

Kate Middleton loves travelling

In her youth, Kate dreamed of traveling to other countries, so she took a year off from studying, traveled a lot, and participated in an exchange program in Italy and a charity program in Chile. Even in her youth, she interacted with charitable foundations, which was further developed when Middleton entered high society.

Kate Middleton met Prince William in college

In 2001, Kate entered the University of St. Andrews. It was at this prestigious educational institution that she met Prince William, not knowing how the meeting of fellow students would affect her biography. Middleton received her bachelor’s degree in art history. At the beginning of her studies, she studied this subject with the prince; later William changed his specialty to geography. The young man wanted to drop out after the first year, and, according to rumors, it was Kate who dissuaded him from this.

Kate Middleton and Prince William in college

Kate met the heir to the British throne at the university and there she faced strong competition for the prince’s heart. William at this time became interested in two girls who were studying at the Faculty of English Literature. However, he quickly forgot about his former girlfriends when, according to rumors, he saw the first beauty of the university in a transparent dress at a charity show. In 2002, the young couple began to live together, renting a country house.

The students tried their best to hide the affair. Still, at the end of 2004, it became impossible to conceal the relationship, and the press service of the royal family was forced to admit that the prince was dating Kate, a girl who did not have a noble origin. The news shocked the public, and many began to compare Middleton to the fairy-tale Cinderella.

Kate Middleton worked for her family business

After graduating, Kate began working for her family’s business, Party Pieces, delivering holiday decorations and party supplies. The girl was involved in marketing: she developed catalogs and arranged filming. In 2006, she began working in parallel at the Jigsaw chain store in the purchasing department.

Kate Middleton is a successful professional photographer

Kate also dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and even planned to take lessons from famous British photography masters. Middleton earned several thousand pounds from her photographs.

Kate Middleton dated several men before marrying Prince William

Kate Middleton’s personal life quickly attracted the attention of the press. At some point, the girl even had to ask for the help of lawyers to avoid pressure from others.

Before William, Middleton dated other young people; at least, several names of her former lovers are mentioned in the press. Willem Marx became the first love of the future duchess; the couple’s relationship lasted a year. It is known that they managed to maintain friendly relations. And in 2014, news appeared on the Internet that Willem got married.

Another of Kate’s ex-man is Rupert Finch. They met at the University of St. Andrews, at that time the guy was already finishing his studies, and Middleton was a first-year student. Their relationship also only lasted for a year. Now he is a famous lawyer, married to Natasha Isaacs. The Duchess was a guest at the couple’s wedding.

During her brief separation from William, Kate began an affair with Henry Ropner, but it lasted even shorter than the others, as Middleton resumed her relationship with the prince.

Kate Middleton and Prince William seemed separated for good in 2007

In 2007, they began to say that Kate and William had broken off their relationship. The reasons for the separation were the beautiful Isabella Calthorpe and William’s infidelities. The prince allegedly proposed to her, but the girl refused, citing the fact that she did not tolerate royal ceremonies.

However, as the American journalist Christopher Andersen wrote in the book “Game of the Crown,” Camilla Parker-Bowles, the wife of Prince Charles, drove a wedge between the lovers. Allegedly, the Duchess of Cornwall disliked Kate because there was such a fuss around the affair with William, while Camilla had been trying to win the sympathy of the British for many years.

Andersen also argued that Middleton’s acquaintance with the prince was not an accident, but a calculation orchestrated by the girl’s mother. Kate allegedly did not intend to study at the University of St. Andrews and gave in to her mother’s arguments that only royalty could be found there.

Be that as it may, at the end of 2007, the relationship between Kate and William was restored, and on November 16, 2010, the lovers announced their engagement. Young people in Kenya got engaged.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle don’t get along

Kate Middleton (left) and Meghan Markle watching Wimbledon

There are rumors about a major scandal that occurred between Meghan and Kate even before the wedding of the ex-actress and Harry. Allegedly, Markle allowed herself to rudely reprimand a person from Middleton’s team. The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t take long to figure it out but simply slapped Meghan. This news was immediately picked up by the world media, so representatives of Buckingham Palace had to issue a response statement that this had never happened.

After this situation, the media calmed down for a while, but before Meghan’s wedding, news about the Duchesses’ quarrel again appeared in the tabloids. Allegedly, this time the conflict occurred over the outfit chosen for little Charlotte for the ceremony, which Meghan did not like. After Markle and Prince Harry stepped down as royals, talk of a feud between the princes’ wives intensified.

Kate Middleton is a style icon

The numerous looks of Kate Middleton

After becoming a duchess, Middleton quickly turned from Cinderella into a style icon. Kate Middleton looked sophisticated in a dress, a coat, jeans, and even a Russian fur hat, for which she received another nickname – the English Rose.

A distinctive touch to Kate Middleton’s image at court were the hats – spectacular and bright, in retro style or created by the imagination of modern designers. The British Headwear Association included the wife of the heir to the throne in a kind of hall of fame for fans of this headwear.

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