Perfect Blackjack Strategy -when to Hit or Stand?

Perfect Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a massively popular game. People have enjoyed it for several years now- be it the traditional way, or even in online casino Australia

This is precisely why a lot of effort is put into finding the perfect blackjack strategy. However, this is easier said than done- as several strategies are available, but not all would necessarily be the best choice for you. It can take time to find one that you’re comfortable with, understand fully, and suit the blackjack variant you generally play. 

Once you find the ‘one,’ practice until it comes naturally, so you see the desired results. 

Why does one need a Strategy in the first place?

It’s just a game- is a strategy really needed? Of course, it is! While games are played for fun, Blackjack also has money associated with it, and is it as enjoyable if one keeps losing? It would enhance the experience when you are aware of the well-thought-out moves you make to have a fair chance at taking the loot.

Strategies, when followed well, won’t ever guarantee a win. Instead, it’s a mathematically and statistically devised system that aims to increase the odds of winning significantly and reduces the chances of losing your money. However, the fun of gameplay will live on, irrespective.


To learn a strategy, be sure you’re first familiar with the game’s rules and make it a habit to check the individual table limits, wager rules, etc., as they could vary from place to place. 

Never expect to receive a cheat sheet to win; it’s more like an algorithm with higher success odds. Despite the temptation, never deviate from the strategy, as repetition is the trick to winning. However, note your learnings and the alternate scenarios you come across to keep in mind for the future. 

The perfect blackjack strategy

When dealt the first two cards in Blackjack, you would have to decide whether you would “hit” (you want to draw another card to improve what you’re dealt) or “stand” (the hand you’re dealt is satisfactory and you do not want more). 

Of course, understanding what call you should take depends on knowing the rules of Blackjack and understanding the value of your cards.

  1. Number cards provide the value of that exact number
  2. Face cards (King, Queen, Jack) provide 10 points
  3. An Ace can either be 10 points or 1 point (depends on the scenario) 

The ultimate goal would be to get 21 or stay close under it but never go above, ultimately beating the dealer’s hand. 

When should you hit?

Knowing when to hit can be massively helpful and vital to your game. Making the wrong call could lead to getting out of the game when it has just begun. 

According to researched strategy and algorithm, it would make sense to go for a “hit” if:

  1. Your hand total is 8
  2. If you have a total of 9, and the dealer shows you a 2 card (or ace 7)
  3. If you have a higher number like 10, and even the dealer’s faceup card is 10 
  4. If you have a total of 11, and the dealer’s faceup card is an Ace

While these are some scenarios in which you should take a hit, there are also some in which you should not consider taking a hit at all, as it can be terrible for your game- hence, the option of “standing” or “staying.” 

When should you stand?

Before taking a call, knowing the difference between soft and hard hands is vital. Soft hands are the ones that contain an ace- which can be, as previously mentioned, either used as 1 or 11. 

Every other combination that does not involve an ace- is a “hard” hand. Easy, right?

According to researched strategy and algorithm, it would make sense to “stand” if:

  1. The hand you have is totaling within 17-20. This is a dangerous range to be in, and it is certainly not advisable to take a hit in this range, as the next card could make you over 21 and lose the game. 
  2. It is also advisable not to go for a hit if the dealer displays 2-6 and you already have a total of 13-16. Again, this can push you over the 21 limit. 
  3. Don’t go for a hit if the dealer shows a 4 through 6, and you have a total of 11-12.

The option of “splitting”

There are also some other options except for these two, like splitting or doubling down, all to enhance the gameplay and increase the odds in your favor. 

If you get two cards with the same value, the split option can be chosen, distributing it into two separate hands.

The expertise of knowing when to hit and stand comes with a researched strategy, practice, and discipline. So don’t expect to strike gold on the first time itself- though you just might! 

Don’t wait long- try out the strategy in the best payout online casino australia!

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